Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What a Day

Maddox got his 2 month shots today. Poor baby was in such a great mood this morning, it broke my heart knowing it would be ruined. Even laying on table with just a diaper, waiting forever for the dr. he was smiling and cooing. Even though he cried as expected getting the shots, he was a trooper and was ok by the time he was redressed. He slept pretty much the whole day. Only once did he seem like he was in pain. Took a little medicine and seems ok again.

The rash under his neck isn't getting better. The dr. gave us a prescription for a new cream to try. Hopefully this will work. It has to hurt at times. We are having a hard time getting it filled. Went to Walmart (which I despise anyway, but do even more now), after waiting 1 1/2 hrs to have it filled they tell me they are out and will take 2 days to get more in. So they offer to call it in to Rite Aid. Joe goes to pick it up after work and they have no record of any prescription in our name!!! Needless to say we will no longer be getting prescriptions there anymore.

Grandma is here. I had asked if she would keep Maddox tomorrow so he wouldn't feel bad from the shots and be in daycare. Instead of trying to be here by 6:30am, she is spending the night. Now that I can go to bed early and stay asleep all night, I want to stay up and talk. lol So, better go get ready for a full night of sleep, whoo hoo!!

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