Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Love Spring

Isn't spring wonderful? The warm weather, the flowers blooming, the days are getting longer...Maddox is sleeping longer...everything is wonderful. And I love him more, and more, and more, and more each day. I mean, when he looks at me and smiles simply because he saw me, I just scoop him up and kiss him a thousand times. How can you not??
Torque is driving me insane. He is eating every flower, plant, bush, and tree in the yard. I've wanted a yard for so long so I could plant pretty things. Now that I have it, the dog is eating everything. He ate a small tree a while back. Then last week he ate the rose bush, thorns and all. He knows he isn't supposed to do it, but still cannot resist the urge. It's not like we are home when he does it. When we are home, he is a good little puppy. When we leave him out and go to work is when he starts to destroy. H is lucky he's cute.
I've been really sick this week. Almost missed our preschool graduation. My temp was 101.7. I really cannot remember the last time I had a fever. Of course I don't go to the dr. The next day was graduation, did I go after it to the dr? No, I wait. Ends up I have a large infection behind my tonsils. Yep, that's me. The one who thinks it will go away if I just wait. Getting better, though.
Graduation was perfect. All the kids did great. Lots of parents were there, bawling. Wish I could have enjoyed it a little more. I was heavily medicated on a mix of nyquil and dayquil (I didn't wait long enough for one to wear off before taking the other). But it was great. I am going to miss this group of kids so much.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Health Update

Maddox is doing better. He has been on breathing treatments for almost a week. It has helped so much, but still has the rattling in his chest and a little wheezing. Is that how you spell wheezing? Looks strange. Anyway, Grandma is taking him for a follow up appointment Monday so we will see how far along he is. Thank you all for your comments and emails. Just a little side note: Don't be afraid of the internet. Be bold and post messages where others can see. Lol.

Where Do You Find The Time??

Do you ever feel like others have so much more time than you? They have their families, friends, church, jobs, housework, animals, gardening, crafts, cooking....I could go on and on. They have all time for all these things. But how? I would love to be able to do it all, too. Maybe part of it is I don't have the money. It's a lot to have a new baby and a new house. Someone once pointed out that we work for what we have, and don't let our parents pay for everything or to bail us out when we need it. Maybe some of that is true. I'm not jealous of all the others have and what they do, but I am jealous of their time to do it. I guess that is natural. Maybe one of these days it will happen for me. But for now, I am happy to spend all my free time making Maddox smile, or snuggling with Joe. That's what I love the most anyway.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rough Road

It's been a while since I've posted, but Maddox has been sick. He has Broncholitis, heavy congestion which causes lots of coughing. Couldn't keep formula, or anything, down for a days. It got worse. Sunday was awful. Ended up having to sit him up all night so he wouldn't choke. Thankfully Mom was around a lot to help, or it would have been crazy (Joe couldn't stay up late that night because he had deliveries the next day at work. Have to stay awake to drive hazardous material.) Went to the dr. yesterday and he has to have breathing treatments. It has worked wonders! Maddox is now keeping formula blend (with pedialyte) down, and isn't coughing nearly as bad as he was. The dr. thinks he is at the top of the hill on the way down to feeling better. Let's pray thats true. Can't stand to see him sick. With as bad as he feels, Maddox is still in a good mood. He wants to smile and laugh, but before couldn't because he would start coughing. Now he is able to do it. It's so cute! Love my baby bunches.