Saturday, April 9, 2011

First Sign of Spring

Today was a really nice day. Started out Maddox slept 5 hours straight last night. This is the second night. Hope its going to become a trend. Fed him, went back to bed. Unfortunately I believe he is getting used to us getting up at 6am for work because at 6:30 he was awake. Joe said he tried to feed him, but he wasn't hungry. He was happy and just wanted to play. I'm a little worried that Maddox is going to be a morning person, something neither Joe or I am.

Later in the morning Maddox and I head to Mannington for the Ladies Day at church. It was such a wonderful time. Its nice to be reminded of how much we have in our lives and how hard others fight for the things we take for granted. Also, got to see an old camp friend. Love her to pieces.

Came home to Shannon and the kids visiting. Its always fun to spend time with them. Joe and the gang went to see Hop. I guess Kaitlynn talked to Joe the whole time, so he wasn't exactly sure if the movie was good. I'm telling you if I had a dollar for every question that child asks, I would be rich for sure. She was cracking me up today. Maddox was crying and Kaitlynn would say, "Don't cry, Maddox, Aunt Toni is right here..." She must have said that 4 different times.

After they left, Joe and I took Maddox for a walk. Ended up walking with the neighbor lady who was out walking her dog. I can't express enough how much we love it here. Friday, we saw the lady on the hill out on her porch and we went up to visit for about an hour. It's wonderful to see a neighbor and not immediately run into the house and lock the door because they were outside.

Here is a picture I took the other night. Maddox was a little fussy, so I held him tighter and rocked him to sleep. He had his hands together and looked so cute.

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